Information You Can Access
Through My Kid’s Chart

When you access our patient portal, you can review a complete health information summary for each child in your care, including:

  • Most recent physical date
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Historical visits
  • A summary of labs and medical tests
  • A problem list, allergy list and medications list
  • A complete immunization record

You can download or print your child’s immunization record directly from the portal and review a detailed visit summary for any appointment.

Secure Messaging

You will be able to communicate with our office by sending and receiving secure messages via our portal.

​Adding Convenience to Your Life

Life is busy.  Juggling your day-to-day and staying on top of your family’s health care can be a challenge, but we’ve set up our new patient portal to help.  

You can access your child's medical records from any mobile device or computer. Our practice’s portal lets you communicate with us easily, any time and from anywhere.

To start using our patient portal just contact a member of our staff and we'll set you up with a secure password and user ID.  You can log into our practice 24/7 from your home or office. 

Our Patient Portal is Here

Patient Portal

​​​Sign Up Now

To start using our patient portal please contact a member of our staff today.  Call us at 832-844-1470 or send us a message