As far as our clinic is concerned, we are taking some extra precautions that we would like to share with you.  For some of these precautions to really work, we will need your cooperation when you come to visit.  

  1. We will not be accepting walk-ins. All sick patients will first be scheduled as a virtual visit.  If your provider decides that you need to be seen in person, we will conduct the visit at your vehicle curbside.  The curbside visit will be considered part of the same visit.
  2. Only well visits will be seen in the office. the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC strongly encourage parents to keep their children current on all vaccinations, else we could suffer new disease outbreaks.
  3. Although we constantly disinfect our toys, for the duration of this outbreak all toys have been removed from the waiting room and exam rooms. All clip boards, pens, door handles, etc. are sanitized after every visit.
  4. Anyone entering the clinic must wear a mask. Due to nationwide shortages, please bring your own. If you don’t have one, please bring an article of clothing to cover your mouth and nose (such as a handkerchief or a bandana).
  5. If you meet criteria for possible COVID-19, we will send you to the appropriate testing facility. Contact your county health department for more details (see below). We will not be doing testing in the office due to infection concerns and lack of testing kits.
  6. Only one family member is allowed to attend the visit with the patient.
  7. Anyone entering the clinic (including all staff) must have their temperature taken.
  8. We have started virtual visits.  When you call our office to schedule, our staff will let you know if this option is available, depending on your visit reason. [Update 3/24:  sick visits will be either virtual or drive-up. Office reserved for well visits]

If we work together and follow these guidelines we can keep our community and families safe to weather this storm, as we have so many times before. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fort Bend County Health

T: 281-342-6414, 281-344-6118

Fax: 832-471-1817

After Hours: 832-407-7385

Brazoria County Health Dept.

T: 979-864-2168

Fax: 979-864-3694

After Hours: 800-511-1632

Harris County Public Health
T: 713-439-6000
Fax: 713-439-6306
After Hours: 713-755-5050

Houston Health Department

T: 832-393-5080 (24hr)

Fax: 832-393-5232

Montgomery County Public Health

T: 936-523-5026

Fax: 936-539-9272

After Hours: 888-825-9754


COVID-19 Office Hours!​​
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
By Appointment only (Please no walk-ins!)

Texas Dept. of State Health Services

T: 713-767-3000

Fax: 713-767-3006

After Hours: 800-270-3128


If you are concerned about your child’s symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, please call us. 

Dear Springtime Parents,

[Update: May 12, 2020] We are now seeing all well visits ages.  Sick visits will still remain as virtual visits or curbside visits.

[Update: April 17, 2020] Please see important updates below to our safety plan. For the past several weeks we have been conducting all initial sick visits as virtual visits. If your provider decides that you need to be seen in person, then we will conduct the visit curbside, at your vehicle. 

[March 13, 2020] We are sure many of you are concerned about the new coronavirus discovered in China in December of 2019.  Since this new strain of the coronavirus was discovered in 2019 it has been given the short-hand name COVID-19.  Recently COVID-19 has reached our shores and cases have been reported in Houston. And while it is prudent that we all take measures to keep our families safe, it is important that we don’t panic. Please take common sense precautions as recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics, such as washing your hands, not touching your face, and avoiding crowded areas.

If a patient has had contact with a positive COVID-19, or suspects they have COVID-19, parent must call their county health department. Please also call our office to keep us in the loop.  County health department numbers are given below.

****************************** TEMPORARY OFFICE HOURS ******************************

Dear Springtime Parents,

[Update: June 1, 2020] We’d like to thank each of you for bearing with us throughout this pandemic.  We are doing our best to continue providing medical care for your children that is both personal and convenient.

Unfortunately, we are still struggling to see the volume of patients we need to see in order to offer our extended evening and weekend hours.

 We were hoping that by summertime we would be able to offer our late night hours and Saturday office hours again.  However, it does not look like this will be the case.  Additionally we will be canceling our Saturday morning virtual visits for the time being. 

So until further notice, our office hours will be:
Monday – Friday  8:30am to 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed

Please remember that it is still important that you keep up with your routine well visits!  The risk from children not keeping up with their vaccines or not detecting other preventative illnesses poses a greater risk to their well being than COVID-19. 

We know this is a difficult time for many of our families as well, and we pray that each and every one of you stays safe and secure.

Best regards,

Yasmine Monib, MD


Chambers County Health Dept.

T: 409-267-2731

Fax: 409-267-4276

After Hours: 409-267-9862 

Galveston County Health District

T: 409-938-2322

Fax: 409-938-2399

After Hours: 888-241-0442